Kamran Zand
Real Estate Broker


The Man Behind the Luxury Vision

Kamran Zand is recognized as the premier choice in Las Vegas luxury real estate for one simple reason. He delivers results. The founder and broker of Luxury Estates International has mastered a new approach, disregarding traditional methods in favor of bold strategies based on style, global reach, interactive technology and carefully crafted marketing plans. From lavish estates to high-rise condos, Kamran understands how to sell luxury properties for top dollar in less time.

Success didn’t come easy. Upon earning his real estate license in 2006, Kamran’s home faced foreclosure and he was eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Through hard work, determination and an appetite to succeed, Kamran broke through the boundaries of the luxury real estate establishment and shattered records on his own terms — selling homes his competitors couldn’t, including the most expensive high rise condo in Nevada history in 2016, the most expensive residential home sale of 2017 and the second most expensive residential home sale of 2018.


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